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  • Master the Art and Science of Selling Webinar  Are you tired of watching potential sales slip through your fingers? Are you frustrated by stagnant revenue and profitability? Do you wish there were proven strategies to overcome sales challenges and boost [...]

  • Profitably Buying Customers Business Owners MasterCLASS  In the competitive business world, there is often a crucial mistake in the way marketing and sales are perceived. Too often marketing is categorised as merely an expense, while sales been seen as only [...]

  • You're invited to the Grand Opening of Liska Mullers ActionCOACH Launch!  The launch will consist of a seminar, good food and the opportunity to network with the businesses in the area.  The seminar will consist of:  Teaching the skill set [...]

  • Could your business's 2023 sales have been better? Are you tired of facing the same objections, and do you or your sales team struggle to close deals? Are you or your sales team tired of price competition always being a [...]

  • Recent research has highlighted several critical traits of successful entrepreneurs and business owners. Growth mindset is one such trait, which is the belief that personal qualities and abilities can be developed through effort and learning. Entrepreneurs with a growth mindset [...]

  • I grew up thinking that it is wrong to aspire to be wealthy. Being wealthy meant for me that you earned and accumulated more than you need. Later in life I did some serious introspection and realised that this mindset [...]

  • South Africa, is truly a country of abundance. We are blessed with beauty all around us. With places, I love like Table Mountain, Kruger National Park, Namaqualand, Vineyards of Franshoek, and the Blyde River Canyon. Did you know that South [...]

  • Navigating ourselves and our businesses in an ever-changing environment with macro-economic forces at play has become a real challenge for many. Yet, for every business that reaches the end of its road that are many more businesses that thrive despite [...]

  • Staff, employees, or team members; sometimes also referred to as aliens (well at least referred to as aliens by me), are always an interesting subject.  They are the easiest and best way to leverage any business but often also come [...]

  • In prepping for this blog, I asked Business Owners in my network what made them proud to be South African Business Owners.    The overwhelming response was – our resilience!  What makes us resilient?   We embrace The Stockdale Paradox. Admiral James [...]

  • A 2021/2022 report from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor showed that women displayed 20% less confidence when it came to their ability to start a business vs their male counterparts. What caused this? Perhaps it was the Covid climate that was [...]

  • The number of women entrepreneurs is on the rise. Many of these women are struggling to survive in the business environment given the unique challenges they face. In my experience as a Business Coach, many women-owned businesses are not given the [...]

  • The month of August sees us celebrating Women’s Month and it is in this context that I want to provide some focus on the important role that women play in the business world and society. According to the Global Entrepreneurship [...]

  • Legacy, what does that mean anyway? Why does it matter what people think of you after you are gone? You will be dead; why does it matter?  “It is about the richness of the individual's life, including what that person [...]

  • It's no secret that women have had to fight harder than men to become a legitimate presence in virtually every aspect of business. Thankfully, the gender gap is slowly shrinking on the corporate side, with more female executives in the [...]

  • The past two weeks, in particular, only perhaps equaled by a two-week period after the looting and rioting of last year, I’ve found myself at the center of conversations with negative, depressed, stressed and very emotional people.  With the very [...]

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